WEBINAR | Mercer: Ukraine Russia war. Potential implications for global economy and labor markets – including Polish perspective

Dear ABSL Friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to a webinar organized by our Expertise Partner - Mercer. 

The conflict in Ukraine has, in addition to the humanitarian crisis and the tragedy of thousands of people, also a number of geopolitical and economic consequences. No one knows, when and how the military conflict will be resolved, therefore many of political and economic consequences are still difficult to predict. Growing prices of oil, gas and other natural resources, collapsing supply chains, real effects of economic sanctions, migration – those just a few direct consequences of the war.

It is still hard to stay what will be their impact on the global economy short and long term.

Undoubtedly, Poland as a border (buffer) country will face them in a special way, and often more substantially  than other countries in Europe. The consequences for the Polish labor market are also unique.

During the webinar, we will try to show the economic importance of Ukraine and Russia before the war, to what extent the current conflict affects the economies of both countries and what consequences the war will have on the global economy.

We will also consider what may await Poland in the coming months and years.

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