CHAPTER: Warsaw Chapter Q2 meeting

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Dear ABSL Friends

we invite you to join our upcoming ABSL Warsaw chapter Q2 meeting.

Below you can find agenda of the session.

Event agenda



Iwona Dudzińska, VP ABSL


ABSL update

Paweł Panczyj, Krzysztof Bronisz, ABSL


City Hall update – Planning assumptions of the new center of Warsaw

Wojciech Wagner - Deputy Director of the Architecture and Spatial Planning Office in the Warsaw City Hall


How to deal with the New Polish Deal? Potential impact and consequences for business services sector.

Krzysztof Nowak – CEO Mercer Polska Filip Świtała – Partner in Martini & Co. Tax Advisors Wioletta Bobryk – Legal & Compliance Director, ABSL


Closing remarks

Iwona Dudzińska, VP ABSL

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