Bydgoszcz Chapter Q2

16.30 Sii Poland: meet & greet: Anna Boruszkowska-Becmer, Regional Director

16.35 ABSL Updates: Robert Wichtacz; Magdalena Tomicka, Pawer Panczyj, Lukasz Lorczak

17.00 The Future of Work Al-ed: Current and Potential Impacts of Al on the World of Work: Agnieszka Porebska, Talent Alpha CEO

17.30 Kahoot quiz: City Infrastructure Opportunities. Let's work this out together

17.40 Recruitment & Legal Process Automation powered by Al: Sii Poland, Case Study

17.55 RPA and ML as ERP system automation basis: Ivy Technology Poland, Case Study

18.10 Architecting Knowledge in Collaborative and Al augmented world: Atos Poland, Case Study

18.25 Kahoot quiz summary

18.30 Networking

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