ABSL Vendor Management Group (Pilot) workshop session

ABSL Vendor Management Group (Pilot) workshop session

Together with Roche Global IT Solution Center we would like to invite you join an ABSL networking & best practice sharing initiative of IT Vendor Management.

We all represent large organizations, employ a significant number of Contractors with various skills, work on cutting-edge projects and technologies under difficult agreements and KPI's . We think that in such a community would be worth to touch the following topics:

  • types of contracts with suppliers in terms of outsourcing
  • developed process solutions, e.g. Time & Material, Advanced Team Leasing, Managed Service.
  • risks, lessons learned, measuring satisfaction and performance in the context of cooperation with external suppliers
  • and many others i.e KPI these commonly used, contract management for a particular area (i.e RPA/BPA/DPA), contract management.

Out of discussed scope are commercial subjects, prices or contract terms.

Agenda of the pilot workshop session:

  1. Let's get to know each other
  2. About Vendor Management at Roche
  3. Real case: Business Continuity in practice during the pandemic
  4. What's next: ideas, topics gathering, meeting frequency etc.

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