ABSL Summit 2024

Businesses that change can survive, but businesses that transform can thrive and stay ahead of the curve

Over the past two decades, Poland, as a member of the EU, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Combining its extraordinary talent pool, location, and approach, along with EU membership, Poland has become a prime and resilient destination for investors seeking to establish a European presence.

The business services sector has also experienced a significant shift, evolving from simple transaction processes to value-creating, knowledge-based roles that influence companies' decisions as well as growth trajectories.

As business leaders, we have spent the past few years preparing to be future-ready by defining our ambitions and crafting strategies that reflect what we want to become.

The vision is already here. Now it’s time to put what we’ve learnt into practice.

Join us for the ABSL Summit 2024 in Kraków to discuss growth opportunities across three key areas:

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