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On December 5th the ABSL General Assembly will elect a new Strategic Board and Audit Committee members for a 2 years cadence. For the first time each member company will be able to vote via its representative, and a representative of each member company may run for these important positions.


We encourage you to actively engage in the process
and shape the future of our organization.



The Election process starts on October 14th and consists of the following phases:

October 14th – November 14th: Nominations phase when candidates collect nominations (endorsement) to their candidatures

November 15th – November 21st : Formal review of candidates applications including nominations

November 22nd – December 5th: Presentation of candidates profiles

December 5th: Election Day – General Assembly meeting at which all members companies vote on candidates. New Strategic Board and Audit Committee members will be presented at the ABSL Gala on the same day.





What is the Strategic Board?
The Strategic Board is the owner of the mission and strategy. Roles within Strategic Board reflect the areas of strategic importance: Regions, Marketing & Conference, Talent, Technology, Transformation, Advocacy, Business & Market Intelligence, Sector promotion & branding.

• 7-13 members, including Honorary President
• Members elected by the General Assembly

• Determining mission, strategy and principles
• Appoints and supervises Management Board
• Appoints Advisory Council

• Held at least once every two months

Decision-making process
• Simple majority of votes in the presence of at least half of its members
• May adopt written resolutions in a circular or electronic way

Term of office
• 2 year


What is the Audit Committee?
The Audit Committee provides oversight and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

• 3 member companies representatives
• Members elected by General Assembly
• Co-optation rule apply

• Supervision, Compliance and Control

• At least once a year

Decision-making process
• Resolutions adopted by at least two of its members

Term of office
• 2 years



Requirements for candidates to Strategic Board and Audit Committee:
• Must represent an ABSL member company.
• Minimum 15 years of relevant business experience.
• Receive a minimum of 3 nominations from other ABSL Members.


Nomination process

  • Nominations are in the form of endorsement given by members of the association

  • Each member can give only 2 nominations. Nomination can be given only by the person who is authorized to represent the company.

  • The incumbent Strategic Board members are entitled to run for election without fulfilling the nominations requirement. However, they have to provide their consent for running for re-election

  • The potential candidates receiving the most nominations from the Association members will be put on the ballot

  • In the event that not all incumbent Strategic Board members will be running for re-election, more non-incumbent candidates may be put on the ballot, but in no event will there be more than 20 candidates for Strategic Board and 7 candidates for Audit Committee

  • There are no limitations in terms of number of candidates from one company as long as they meet the requirements. Please note, however, that each member company can give maximum 2 nominations for the running candidates and only those with the highest number of nominations will be entitled to run in elections. Therefore please nominate the strongest candidate and equip him/her with as many nominations from member companies as possible.



How to apply
Fill in the application form and attach nominations.

Application form

Nomination Template



1. Register to vote: click here
2. Voting requires physical presence at the meeting on December 5th.
3. Each Member company has one vote at the Meeting.
4. Bring your identification (ID or passport) and a power of attorney for the meeting (in case of an attorney representing a Member company)

If you have any questions, please contact us at