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Candidates for the Strategic Board and Audit Committee

We are happy to present the list of candidates for the Strategic Board and Audit Committee 2020-2021 term.

The vote will take place on December 5th, 1pm, during the ABSL General Assembly.

We kindly ask all members to register for the General Assembly:


Strategic Board

Dariusz Bazeli


Candidate for the Strategic Board

Over 15 years experience in the Sector:
Relevant Positions:

Currently: Head of Delivery Centres Poland for Cognizant Technology Solutions
- responsible for operations and growth of the polish unit
- linking company strategy with capabilities in Poland
VP Pomerania Region ABSL

Previous Roles:
General Manager: Geoban, Santander Global Operations:
- Had full responsibility of operations of two sites in Poland (Wroclaw and Gdynia) over 700 employees.
- Took a key role in drafting and executing growth and Global Centralization Strategies as well as new business definitions
Member of the management board of Geoban Corporate

Areas of Expertise
Senior Manager with over 15 years of experience in strategic planning and execution, improving operational efficiency, due diligence for global work distribution and building highly efficient teams. Able to quickly understand complex environments and implement successful strategies for growth and improvement in operational cost as well as service quality and control. Experienced in managing multi scope teams ranging from operations and finance to technology and HR in a multinational environment. Proven ability to solve problems and increase bottom line.

Business Expertise:
Leading Entre/Intrapreneurial initiatives, Driving and Executing Innovation and Disruptive Technologies, Operational Excellence, Robotic Process Automation

Relevant achievements
- Successful set up and growth of two delivery centers in Poland ( Gdynia and Wroclaw ) from 0 to over 750 employees for Santander Global Operations
- Overall winner of 3 ABSL diamonds for managed centers, to this day probably the most by one company
- Runner up SSON Innovation in Operations award in 2016
- Recipient of IE Fund Scholarship

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Upcoming tenure of ABSL will be both crucial for the organization and the sector. ABSL has a key role to play in the further development of the sector in Poland in most probably troubled times. I would like to use both my business and association experience to help shape that future.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
As the modern business services sector remains to be vital for the Pomerania region, I would like to continue representing ABSL in the region as part of the Strategic Board, further focusing on integration, knowledge sharing and growth, bridging local needs with the overall country programs.

Additionally I would like to continue reshaping Business Intelligence of ABSL to make sure it’s transformation is fully completed. Assuring BI becomes an even vital offering towards the member companies, business and authorities and is a powerhouse for the future of the sector. Achieving this through a multi-layer reporting focused more on analytics and future trends projections.


Anna Berczyńska

Managing Director, Board Member, Schaeffler Global Services Europe

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Background (Positions held, experience in the sector)
Entrepreneurship BPO: March 2002 – July 2008
Managing Partner and Co-Owner in Business Operations Development and AM Kancelaria, Poznan
BPO: September 2008 - February 2013, Itella Information, Poznan/Warsaw/Torun, Helsinki - Business Development Manager
Shared Services:
February 2013 – August 2016, Ciber Polska, Poznan – Global Finance Shared Services Director
September 2016 – September 2018, ROCKWOOL Global Business Service Center, Poznan - Director of the GBS, Proxy
October 2008 – currently, Schaeffler Global Services, Wroclaw - Managing Director GBS Europe, Board Member

Areas of Expertise
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting, Business Transformation, Quality & Performance Management

Relevant achievements
1. Global Competence centers’ start-ups with 250 - 800 headcount for European and American corporations with locations in Europe, North America and Australia with multi-functional scope such as Purchasing, Logistics, HR, Finance, Engineering and IT and Operating Governance implementation
2. Building a long-term personnel strategy - organizational culture & values, compensation & benefit, talent management, employer branding & employee engagement programs aligned with business strategy
3. Extensive experience with the Board of Directors and Audit Committee in publicly traded companies
4. Managing & consulting in the field of IT application deployments projects with global virtual teams, head of global BPO projects of ca. 30 customers implementations and as a Project and Change Manager in the field of financial and accounting services, e.g. Fiskars, Dell, Unisys, Alcatel-Lucent and Bisnode Group, leading to 30% of cost reduction
5. Initiation, preparation and implementation of pioneering legal and operational solution of outsourcing services dedicated to the public sector
6. Mentoring Walk - lead of the first edition of Mentoring Walk in Wroclaw 2019

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Personal involvement and impact on the sector and its evolution in the future

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Support in the annual conference arrangements, ABSL community reinforcement and next era evolution work stream


Maciej Borkowski

Chief Risk Office Poland Head, Credit Suisse

Candidate for the Strategic Board

@ Credit Suisse 2011-current: - P2P Site Head - EMEA Finance Operations Head - Group Finance Head - CRO Head (incl. opening of WAW site) @Hewlett-Packard 2005-2011 - AP Manager - Finance Operations Manager - EMEA Total Customer Experience Manager @ Techconsult 2004 - Program Lead @ Victor 2001-2004 - Account Manager

Areas of Expertise
Getting things done in areas like: - Leadership - change management - communication - site operations/management - cooperation with municipalities - mentoring

Relevant achievements
- creation of largest risk function in central Europe - management of the ABSL IT Club, which has surged in number of participants over the last 2 years and its outcomes are shaping opinions of the tech industry in Poland

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I wish to continue contributing to the growth and development of the sector by supporting central and localized activities.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I have brought a lot to the board over the last two years (co-shaping agenda and speakers for our conferences, creation of IT report, management of the IT Club). In the next term I could focus more on BFSI and Wroclaw activities.


Ewa Carr-de Avelon

General Manager, BNY Mellon Poland

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Ewa Carr-de Avelon is the General Manager of the Bank of New York Mellon in Poland. In her role, she manages the center with over 1400 employees in Wroclaw supporting various internal clients in areas such as banking operations, fund accounting, risk, compliance and global technology.

She has over 25 years of professional experience, with over half of this time spent in various managerial roles in the shared services industry. Prior to joining BNY Mellon in July 2019, she led the Poland Enterprise Shared Services center for AXA XL, a global insurance and re-insurance company. Her experience also includes heading the HR Service Centre for Credit Suisse Poland, and the Sales & Marketing organization for Hewlett Packard’s Global Business Services (HP).

She has been supporting ABSL for the past 5 years, and since 2017 is member of ABSL Strategic Board.

Ewa graduated with a Master degree in German and Dutch Philology at the University of Wroclaw, and with a Master of Science in Strategic Quality Management at the Portsmouth University, UK. She also finished the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Certificate Program at the Stanford University, US.

Areas of Expertise
• General management in SSC industry, mostly banking and financial services
• HR and people management, with a special focus on talent development and retention, diversity programs
• Organizational design and transformations, including business development from transnational activities to advanced portfolio, innovation
• Corporate Social Responsibility & co-operation with NGO
• Cross-cultural communication and marketing
• Juggling motherhood & career, helping other working mothers do the same and survive

Relevant achievements
ABSL related
· Coordinating work of ABSL Wroclaw Chapter since 2015;
· Creating local communities of practice and developing ABSL Wroclaw 2.0 model
· Engaging member companies in various projects in the area of talent, advocacy, thought leadership and integration, including the networking and charity work, strengthening the employer branding of the ABSL member companies
· Partnering with ABSL strategic partners to leverage their expertise for the local market
· Supporting annual ABSL conference as speaker

· Almost 15 years of total experience as senior functional manager and managing director in four leading delivery centers in Poland, Wroclaw: HE, Credit Suisse, AXA XL and currently BNY Mellon;
· Ramping up new SSC organizations and revamping the existing ones to accommodate more sophisticated, knowledge based scope and contribute to company’s P&L (value arbitrage)
· Designing and implementing new engagement models with internal clients for several large internal SSC organizations

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I believe in power of cooperation, and in “civilizing the competition” between member companies.
Over the past 5 years, I was lucky to observe, and actively support efforts made in this space by ABSL and enjoyed this work a lot. ABSL helped me to contribute, and see the value of my contribution. Being useful to others is a strong personal motivator for me, and fires me up for continuation of the work.
During the engagement with ABSL, one of the projects very close to my heart was, and still is, the ABSL 2.0 transformation. I have contributed to it both centrally and locally in Wroclaw and feel accountable for its success. A further engagement of people who have initiated the changes – including me – will help seamlessly complete the journey and fully open a new era for ABSL and ensure continuity.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I am bringing to ABSL two sets of complementary experience: On one hand, a true “hands-on” experience from running a shared service organization in Europe, gained in four different companies, and on the other hand the experience in managing non-profit work, involving volunteers who dedicate their free time to support the “pro bono” activities.
The first enables me to help ABSL identify, select and mange relevant content for various initiatives and practice sharing, focusing on trends and critical areas for collaboration. Coming from the operational background, I can help ABSL open more widely to the middle layer of management and to audiences beyond the center heads. Also, with a broad and diversified experience in the banking and insurance world, I can strengthen our BIFS agenda.
Lastly, as a dedicated manager and a former HR professional, with passion for talent retention and people development, I intend to support ABSL’s human capital related efforts. I am keen not only to work on the existing projects, but also innovate and experiment to discover new ways of solving old problems.


Stanisław (Stan) Cieśla

UpLine Manager, Katowice Site Lead, IBM

Candidate for the Strategic Board

I graduated from the Silesian University of Technology where I got a degree in computer science. Since 1995 my professional activities are related with the IT sector and IT services. I started working for IBM in 2003 where I performed many functions on local and regional level in the area of service management, technical departments management in various technologies. In 2010 I was invited to join the newly developed IBM IT Services Center in Poland as a Department Director. When in 2014 the new IBM location in Katowice was opened, I took the role of Site Leader. At the same time, I also joined the ABSL community in Katowice which I actively support in the local and cross-chapter area. Having in mind sector’s wellbeing and development, I would like to contribute to the Silesia ABSL community as a member of ABSL Advisory Board.

Areas of Expertise
Leadership, new technologies, innovations, education

Relevant achievements
Establish Center of Competency in area of Digital Workplace; Significant leverage during setup IBM Shared Services site in Katowice; support of creation and growth cross company education initiative in Silesia named Corporate Readiness Certificate; active support of digital cooperation in ABSL Silesia first based on Trello and then migration to Workplace

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
My motivation is to develop the cross-chapter cooperation within the Clubs, corners and other thematic areas, therefore improve the synergy between them. It will be my honor to actively represent the Silesian ABSL community.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Skills in the area of establishing and building relations, focusing on cooperation and building synergies, developed during my professional career, may be a strong contribution. My aim is to improve the experience exchange between the chapters, for the benefit of all. Great example of such work is the IT Club which by sharing individual person’s experience, broadens the knowledge and awareness of IT sector in ABSL.


Iwona Dudzińska

Managing Director, EMEA AML FIU HUB Head, Citibank Europe plc, Poland Branch

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Managing Director Citigroup. Head of Citigroup AML Financial Intelligence Unit HUB for EMEA region with ca. 1000 employees based in Warsaw. Over 20 years of experience in Finance and Banking, including 15 years of experience in Shared Services Sector.

Areas of Expertise
Finance and Banking. Strategic Management in one of the largest financial institutions. Board Member responsible for Operations and Technology in leading international bank.
Merger and Acquisition. Reorganization and restructuring. Implementing of complex and modern technology solutions for global organizations. Cross-border process migrations.
Setting up and organization of Service Centers. Leading large and diversified group of employees (4000+) for last 10 years. Coaching, Motivating, Mentoring and Talent Development.

Relevant achievements
Embedding Citi’s Operations into Poland (1991-1999).
Leading integration of processes and technology systems, implementation of new complex technology platform post-merger for Citi and Handlowy (2001-2002) and at the same time building centralized Operations model for the new organization (Creating Processing Hubs in Warsaw and Olsztyn initially for CitiHandlowy). Restructuring and reorganisation of CitiHandlowy Operations and Technology. Branch model development.

Extending the service from Poland to other Citi Branches (2003-2004). Setting up of Citi Service Center in Poland (2005). Growing the Service Center from setup until it reached 2000 staff, providing service to over 50 EMEA Countries and covering International Clients Group, Consumer Bank, IT and Tech Infrastructure, AML and Finance (2005-2012). Representing CitiHandlowy Operations and Technology at the Management Board (2009-1015). Creating and running CitiHandlowy research and Development Center in Łodź. Responsible for outsourcing on Handlowy side and Insourcing on Citi side.

Mentor in senior women’ development program (since 2016) and Program Board Member (since 2017) of LeadersIn cross-business initiative in cooperation with Deloitte, BPH Bank and Vital Voices Poland aiming at strengthening the position of women in the management boards and on the market.

Additionally, Strategic Board Member of ABSL since the end of 2017, responsible for Warsaw Chapter and BFSI Club. During that period Warsaw Chapter and BFSI Club have launched or advanced such topics like: challenges of the shared service sector, cooperation with the City of Warsaw, upskilling and reskilling, complex jobs, attracting talents, employer branding, legal and regulatory matters important for the sector, Brexit and its impact, outsourcing, process automation, urban planning, lean culture. We have also developed 5 priority groups: Continuous Improvements Corner (continuous best practices sharing sessions), Urban Infrastructure, RPA/Smart Automation, Education (Reskilling Academy was launched) and Warsaw Branding that gather representatives from various companies working on improvements and developments.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I would like to join Strategic Board, as I am representing Citi, which is one of the leading investors in Shared Services in Poland. Citi was one of the first Financial Institutions that invested in Poland by building Service Centers. Poland has been since inception the most promising and dynamic center in EMEA. Diversity of knowledge, Quality of service and Talent availability were key factors to let Poland emerge to one of the most specialized and best centers on Citi’s global map. As one of the founders, I had a benefit of seeing how Citi grows in Poland but also how the entire sector develops and excel. Today Poland is continuously one of the most attractive places across the world, and moreover delivers robust and complex solutions as compared to being lower cost location for relatively simple jobs. Being a part of this transformation has been a great experience to me. Having that experience I would like to continue to witness and model next developments of Shared Service Sector. I believe my skills, which helped to embed and grow Citi in Poland can be leveraged further for my organization, which has continuous plans to invest in Poland and to the entire sector.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Growing competition for resources, is positive for Poland, however makes the talent pool more difficult to manage from the institutional perspective. Especially in some areas we can observed much higher demand for linguistic capabilities married with technical skills. The supply of such talent has not been an issue so far, however it may create more problems in the future. Therefore, one of the areas to address by the ABSL is the pro-active effort of the investors sector with educational system in Poland to get the talent pool more appropriate for the need of expanding organisations.
Additionally, I have been playing an active role and leading Citi Affinity Networks (DisAbility Network, Pride Network, Women’s Network, Women’s Network-Women In Tech program, Multicultural Network, Citi Parents Network). Diversity is a very important topic to be addressed nowadays and I think that my experience in that field may be valuable.


Sebastian Drzewiecki

Managing Director, Sabre

Candidate for the Strategic Board

26 years in Tech industry, from 15 years building and managing centers for GSK, HP and Sabre

Areas of Expertise
Technology Leadership Marketing and PR Transformation Change Management Organizational Culture

Relevant achievements
GSK: Best Center of The Year GSK: 3 nominations to Best Center Manager of the year Male Champion Of Change

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I would like to drive our sector forward, build strong brand of ABSL and sector and serve our community(ies)

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I was running Poznan ABSL Chapter and I would love to run Krakow Chapter in future.


Janusz Dziurzyński

Accenture Consulting, Technology Advisory Principal Director, Accenture

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Senior leader with rich international experience in building and running advanced business services and commercial transformations. In May 2019 joined Accenture Consulting as Principle Director in Technology Advisory.

For over 20 years IT and Global Business Service Leader in Procter & Gamble, a leading CPG global player. Responsible for multiple regional and global business and technology transformations including major organization redesign.

In ABSL since almost its beginning. Member of the Board, later Strategic Board. During last cadence responsible for Clubs and Chapters co-ordination as well as ABSL 2.0 transformation. In addition delegated to the Management Board for Execution Supervision.

My experience includes in-depth view of Client and Service Provider side.

Areas of Expertise
Business and technology transformation.
Global Business Services (setup, run, value creation, move to high-end services)
Organization capability growth, coaching, mentoring.
Strategic stakeholder relationship management.
Execution excellence.
Complete view of Client side and Service Provider side.

Relevant achievements
Built and run the largest IT Shared Service Center in P&G. Over 6 years supervised and led 300+ organization to step-change expertise and value creation in BI, Data Management, Planning, Application Development and Operations.

Represented P&G i ABSL (8 years).
Established ABSL IT Club,
Sponsored and co-Created ABSL Startup Challenge.
Created and co-run ABSL Academy project.
Sponsored and co-led ABSL 2.0 transformation.

Directly run or actively participated in dozens of ABSL projects, initiatives, conferences, workshops, external advocacy engagements, reference visits, sponsorship setups, ABSL General Assembly meetings, articles and insights for ABSL reports.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
My motivation for ABSL has not changed over several years.
I am deeply convinced that Business Services sector is major growth engine for Polish economy. It is proven by the success we witnessed over last 10 years. But there is still a long way to go and sector transformation never ends. I want to actively help and shape this transformation.

In ABSL I am motivated to drive value for our member Companies, prioritize and shape the agenda that will bring us together, stimulate sharing best practices, growing network and learning from the best.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Sponsor & orchestrate 2020 ABSL Conference including format, content and Programme Board management.
Drive Digital Business Transformation agenda (e.g. journey from SSC to COE, new generation services, Accelerated Automation)
I want to help driving relevant agenda through specialized merit sponsors for our members participating in Chapter and Club meetings.
Given my experience to-date I can also help in seamless link between the Strategic Board and the Management Board.


Jolanta Jaworska

Director Government & Regulatory Affairs Poland, Baltics & Ukraine, IBM Poland

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Director Government & Regulatory Affairs, IBM responsible for cooperation with public administration, academia, business organizations in the areas crucial for development of services sector in Poland like workforce policy, investment & business regulatory environment, education, innovation and digital market. Since 2004 Expert in development of innovative investments in services & R&D sectors, digital transformation projects.
University Programs coordinator for IBM in Poland.
HR Director in IBM & Siemens responsible for leadership programs and workforce management.
VP Public Affairs ABSL Poland, VP American Chamber of Commerce Poland supporting both organizations & their members in building competitive business environment.

Areas of Expertise
Expertise in leadership, workforce management, business regulatory environment, investment environment and digital transformation. Experienced leadership mentor.

Relevant achievements
Securing several crucial for services sector business policy implementations eg ZUS cap, telework act, local work council act, work on Sundays & holidays regulations and criminal record check regulation.
Supporting Polish gov and group of 19 like minded countries in EU free flow of data regulations.
Author of many workforce , CSR and education projects like: homeworking, Corporate Service Corps, MC2 virtual internships, Ptech for vocational education and Corporate Readiness Certificate program for students.

Contributing to launching significant IBM investments in Poland - BTO Cracow 2004, Software Lab in Cracow 2005, IBM GSDC in Wroclaw 2009, IBM GSDC in Katowice 2013, IBM XForce Command Center in Wroclaw 2017.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I would like to continue my active engagement and contribution to ABSL Strategic Board supporting member companies with my knowledge, experience in addressing with government, public administration, education and other business organizations issues relevant to secure competitive business environment that enables sector to innovate, be more competitive and to grow.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I strongly believe, after working with ABSL members during last 10yrs, that this is the best platform and collective voice of professional business services companies operating in Poland. We still have a lot of opportunities to jointly develop and implement projects which can improve business environment in Poland and contribute to the grow of our sector, which I will strongly support.


Piotr Krzysztofik

VP, President of Management Board Poland, Country Operation Head Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, GlobalLogic S.A.

Candidate for the Strategic Board

20 years in IT business on various positions (up to CEO, Country Head), 18 years in international global distributed delivery (nearshoring, global delivery) business, over 10 years of leading various departments, units, Global Delivery Centers and legal entities in Poland and Central Eastern Europe.

- GlobalLogic S.A.
CEO Country Head, Vice President GLobalLogic Poland & Croatia & Slovakia
- Atos Global Delivery Center Polska
Country Manager of Business & Platform Solutions Global Delivery Center Polska
- Atos C&SI GDC Europe
Head of Atos C&SI Global Delivery Center EUROPE. Member of Management Team of Atos C&SI CEE & Poland
- Atos Poland
VP of Atos System Integration Service Line Poland. Head of C&SI GDC Wroclaw. Member of Core Management Team of Atos Poland
- Siemens IT Solutions and Services Sp. z o.o.
Director of Solution Global Delivery Center Poland
- Siemens Sp. z o.o. - Region Wrocław
Regional Director
- Student Sport Association at the Technical University of Wroclaw – member of Management Board
- MANUS Foundation - President, V-ce President and member of Management Board

Areas of Expertise
• Leadership, People & Talent Development, General Management and business run
• Experience at the level of the CEO with the power of attorney to manage the entire company
• P&L know-how and full business responsibility for big (1000+), international, multi-location organizations
• IT Delivery expert resp. for products, projects and services execution
• Deep knowledge in company run, operational excellence, strategy, rapid organization development and grow experience
• Experience in building a world-class R&D and offshoring organization
• Several years of experience in organization transformation: Lean, CMMI, productivity and efficiency improvements, organization changes, cost reductions
• Experience in overall organization run and Business Development
• Deep HR know-how - overall recourses leadership, motivation, coaching and performance management, etc.
• Knowledge of subject of recruitment and competence of personality, experience in employees enabling processes
• Certified PMP (PMI) and Prince2 Practitioner. Experience in Project Management, Project Office, PM processes and tools.
• Experience in leading technical projects in an innovative and fast changing environment.
• Knowledge in main IT, Mobile Solutions and Telecommunication technologies (Java, Microsoft, Oracle, C++, and other).
• In-depth knowledge and relationships in the Polish IT market, suppliers, academic and government institutions
• Experience in business relationship set-up and negotiations with business partners
• Experience in quality and security management
• Open for new tasks and challenges, working with passion, innovative and creative, team inspiring
• Very good experience in cooperation with multi-cultural environment, very good communication skills

Relevant achievements
Education and certifications:
[2018] Coach ICC & Mindsonar
[2017]: HEC Paris and Atos University, Gold for Managers program
[2012] Prince2 Practitioner
[2011] Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, PMI
[2004 – 2007]: Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration, Nottingham Trend University (Wielkopolska Business School)
[1994 – 1999]: Technical University (Polytechnic) in Wroclaw, Institute of Electronics, Mobile Telecommunication Technology Department; Management and Computer Science Institute, Management faculty

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Being from the very beginning of ABSL always active member and contributor on the regional and country level, representing companies and industry and coming with new ideas and solutions I would like to share my experience and bring more relevant support for ABSL development in the future. I would like to focus on most urgent areas for our industry - transformation in high value services business in Poland, international cooperation and ABSL grow worldwide, People and Talent development programs and ideas.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Active support in ABSL domains of high value digital transformation services business grow in Poland, ABSL international presence and cooperation, People and Talent development programs and ideas supporting building of human capital in the country.


Paweł Łopatka

VP, Poland Country Manager, SoftServe

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Pawel Lopatka - Country Manager of SoftServe Poland. Experienced Executive, both at the strategic and operational level with proven record of growing business, managing organisations, projects and teams in times of constant change. Former Board Member of Project Management Institute Poland Chapter. Mentor and coach of startup environments in Poland and Europe. Graduated from the Opole University of Technology, Abertay University in Dundee and doctoral studies in field of Strategic Management from the University of Economics in Wroclaw. Gained global experience in companies such as Redknee, Nokia, Siemens and BBC Scotland operating in EMEA and APAC regions. Strategy consultant & technology advisor in areas of fin-tech, retail, media and digital transformation. Experienced in Merges and Acquisitions. Recognised as Manager of The Year 2018 by ProProgressio and also as a Business Tiger in 2017 and 2018, as a person that had a significant impact on the development of the industry in Poland and Europe.

Areas of Expertise
HR & Marketing Communication Sales/Business Development Digital transformation and Digital Platforms Though Leadership

Relevant achievements
Experience in sector & achievements during last 3 years: • Leader of digital transformation in Poland for SoftServe. • Successfully opened SoftServe entity in Poland and scaled locations from 1 to 5 offices (Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Gliwice, Bialystok), headcount growth to +300 associates with improvement of EBIT and revenue growth. • Acting as Delivery Digital Platform Unit Leader for a year that deliver solutions with Sitecore and AEM technology • Acting as Partnership manager in Poland with Microsoft and Google for cloud solutions. • Created DevOps & Cloud practice in Poland that is now part of Global Center of Excellence Group • Actively taking part as key executive in SoftServe’s M&A • Leading successful acquisition of Coders Center to SoftServe

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I am a senior executive that joined to ABSL at the beginning of SoftServe's journey in Poland. Since beginning we are very active member and recognised on regional and i hope country level. Strategic Board is a next step where i feel i can add additional insight and experience that will help drive ABSL even further.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I can provide additional contribution in areas of foreigners and Eastern countries like Ukraine. I also can provide view and experience i gained during my Board role in PMI and M&A activities inside SoftServe. Additionally my Business Development experience can be a value added to ABSL org.


Gregoire Nitot

CEO & Founder, SII Sp. z o. o.

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Gregoire Nitot is the Founder of Sii sp. z o.o. ; its CEO and unique board member. He owns 30% of the shares of the company. He is the author of the blog He owns the newly opened hotel/restaurant as well in Kaszuby region
A bit over a decade of operating on the market, Sii Poland has evolved from a one-person company in January 2006 (Gregoire Nitot started the company from scratch in a small flat in Warsaw) to an industry leader, the largest IT & engineering service vendor in Poland employing more than 4 000 specialists and generating a yearly revenue above 800 M PLN.
Sii sp. z o.o. in figures :
• Founded in January 2006 in Warsaw
• 4 500 workers
• 850 M PLN revenue
• 33% export - nearshore with customers from Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland & USA.
• 10% net profit
• 40 000 m2 class A offices in 13 largest Polish cities
• 1 500 newly recruited candidates each year
• 1 subsidiary in Sweden

Areas of Expertise
As Founder, CEO & unique board member, Gregoire Nitot manages all business units, departments & business processes in Sii Poland. He has wide area of expertise, including:
• Marketing, sales, pre-sales & business development, account management
• Financial controlling
• Project management
• HR, people management, ressource management
• PSA – Professionnal Services Automation
• Software development, Agile, IT, Technology, Engineering, digitalization, BI, Quality Assurance

Gregoire has deep expertise concerning Professional services industry: ITO, BPO, R&D outsourcing, Business consulting

Relevant achievements
Sii Poland performance since 2006 is an amazing achievement. Company has evolved from a one-person SME to an industry leader, employing more than 4 000 specialists and generating a yearly revenue of 850 M PLN.
The company has been recognized in many prestigious rankings, such as: Diamenty Forbes or Great Place to Work (2nd place in Poland and 19th place in Europe in 2019).
Gregoire Nitot is also one of the finalists of 2019 edition of EY Entrepreneur of the Year contest.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
• To contribute to the promotion of the Shared-services sector in Poland, fighting to convince Polish government to support the sector, avoid to implement some bad rules for the sector (like ZUS increase)

• To share his experience with other members in terms of doing business in Poland, IT, digitalization, office management, HR & people management, marketing …

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
• Deep knowledge of professional services & business services sector: ITO, BPO, SSC

• Entrepreneur spirit with experience in managing small company as well as large enterprise, with experience in building business from scratch


Wojciech Popławski

Managing Director, Accenture

Candidate for the Strategic Board

I am Managing Director at Accenture Operations, member of extended European Leadership Team based in Warsaw. Most of my professional career I spent supporting Accenture's major Clients in using outsourcing in complex organisational transformations. I have managed large teams in Poland and across the globe (India, China, US, Central & Eastern Europe, Mauritius and Philippines). I have proudly served as ABSL Vice President for last two terms.

Areas of Expertise
1. Unique and deep expertise on business services sector in Central & Eastern Europe
2. Global Leadership Experience
3. Natural Networker (large professional network globally and in the region what ABSL benefits a lot from)
4. Pioneer of RPA in BPO, AI passionate and tech-geek

Relevant achievements
1. Scaled Accenture Delivery Centers in Poland and received Great Place to Work Award in 2016 (first time ever BPO company in Poland)
2. Consistently worked on raising ABSL brand as respected employers' organization and the most trusted source of industry insights in Poland (in his role as ABSL VP responsible for PR and Business Intelligence)
3. Played important role in making ABSL and its Leaders the most frequently quoted on the matters relevant for the sector, companies and employees.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I am very proud that our industry has grown so fast becoming one of the top sectors in Poland. I strongly believe that ABSL Stategic Board needs more diversity and "outside in" view, the more I welcome the upcoming elections. At the same time, we need continuation and focus on taking ABSL's top assets to the next level. In the next cadence, I would like to focus on implementing my / our 2020-2023 Strategy for ABSL Business Intelligence. It would not be possible without insights / ideas from our members (You). Our aspiration is to create more digital assets and industry knowledge database that will be more accessible to Our members and stakeholders around the world. It will significantly help:
- expanding ABSL brand as the modern organisation
- attracting more investments
- influence on things that matter to You. I count on Your vote.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I want to focus on taking ABSL Business Insights Unit to the next level. My service over the last two terms, professional experience and network are my best credentials. This time I want to better focus on one priority to maximize the impact!


Derek Smith

Strategic Board, UBS

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Managing Director UBS

Areas of Expertise
Shared Services and Leadership

Relevant achievements
Original founder member and active supporter of ABSL since inception

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I really think ABSL has and will continue to make a significant difference to our sector in Poland.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Continue to support the organisation, and aim to bring the global financial services perspective to the team.


Magdalena Stach

Global Reporting & QA Senior Manager, Kimberly Clark Corporation

Candidate for the Strategic Board

2018 - today Global Reporting & QA Sr. Manager
2014 - 2018 Delivery Project Executive at IBM
2014 - 2014 Service Delivery Manager at IBM
2010 – 2014 Head of Operations Management Reporting at Lufthansa GBS
2006 – 2010 Service Manager Sales Accounting Swiss International Airlines at SSI
2004 – 2006 Team Leader Sales Accounting Lufthansa at SSI
2003 – 2004 Junior Accountant / Accountant Fare Audit Lufthansa at AAC

Areas of Expertise
- Finance & Administration
- Procurement
- Outsourcing
- People management
- Project management
- Continuous Improvement
- Transition
- Process transformation
- New Technologies (including SAP Hana Enterprise)

Relevant achievements
- Holder of MBA Degree
- Leading Global teams up to 200 FTEs (Krakow, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, San Jose, USA)
- Migrated services from 12 countries, 39 entities
- Realizing productivity gains year over year using New Technologies and Continuous Improvement methodology
- Improved NPS score significantly (achieved 9 out of 10) within 12 months
- Managed Year over Year Value Creation of GBS (direct impact to company P&L)
- Managed nomination of Kimberly Clark Corporation to SSON Top 20 with positive result

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Leverage strength of Our Sector in the following fields:
- cooperation between Business and Polish Universities which goes beyond job fairs organizations and random lectures but focuses on creating comprehensive education programs enabling graduates to fit better to market
- creation of ABSL Certification allowing employees to move smoother between companies in sector and employers to save on re-training costs

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
- Active participation in Strategic Board meeting
- Action to build education program in Krakow University of Economics and AGH University of Science and Technology
- Action to build ABSL Certification program in cooperation with most recognizable training companies


Maciej Tomaszewski

Process Manager, ADM Poland Sp. z o.o. (ADM EMEA GBS)

Candidate for the Strategic Board

Process Manager P2C, T&E, MDM at Archer Daniels Midland EMEA GBS (ADM Poland Sp. o.o.) since October 2018; Senior Manager and Process Owner in the areas of P2P, O2C, R2R and Head of Controlling and SAP Key User at MAN Accounting Center (Mai 2008-Oct 2018); Co-Leader and support function of the Local Chapter in Poznań since 2015; Supporting the Local Chapter Leader in Poznań in back office topics (2013-2015)

Areas of Expertise
- Finance&Accounting - Controlling - Robotics Process Automation - People Leadership and Development - Continuous Improvement - Process migration and transformations

Relevant achievements
Successful coordination and co-leading of ABSL chapter in Poznań since 2013 (local meetings and workshops with participants number counted as much more than 50% of chapter members on each meeting). Building strong local community around Poznań ABSL Chapter Launching the first AP (P2P) Club in Poznań in 2016 and supporting its reactivation in 2018. Professionals: Leading various standardization Projects, such as standardization of MasterDataManagement, including implementation of Ticketing System, standard process supported by RPA engine (MAN), centralization and process optimization for EMEA Travel&Expense Process (ADM) Implementation of Global EVP for ADM GBS (lead for EMEA part).

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
I strongly believe, that one of the greatest assets of ABSL is people, thus would like to continue building and coordinating the Poznań ABSL Community. This community is created by great companies and fantastic people what motivates me to develop it into more people oriented and dynamic organization playing an active role in it as a Chapter Leader Furthermore, ABSL as an organization creates huge opportunities for member companies and their people, therefore I would like to be a part of that and support initiative related to leadership development, community building and promotion of the sector as its Ambassador in the region and beyond.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
With all current competencies, and experience listed above, I would like to continue the development of Local Chapter Poznań and its related topics. Apart from that, I would be happy to increase cross-regional and cross-chapter cooperation including knowledge-sharing platform within ABSL members. Being a part of Strategic Board, I want to take an active role in sector promotion and talent development to address current and future sector requirements.


Audit Committee

Agnieszka Jackowska-Durkacz

Regional Center Head, AVP, Infosys Poland Sp z o.o.

Candidate for the Audit Committee

16 years of experience in the business services sector. Since 2010 Center Head of Infosys BPO Poland, managing 2500 people delivery. As of 2019 responsible for second DC in Wroclaw and Board Member of Infosys Consulting. Since 2010 at ABSL - as Lodz Chapter Leader or Strategic Board Member.

Areas of Expertise
Leadership, Human Resource Management, Transformation, Organizational Change Management, Employer Branding, Strategy

Relevant achievements
Setting up Philips F&A SSC in Lodz. Transformation of SSC into BPO after acquisition by Infosys. Significant (triple) growth and development of DC in Poland. Key roles within EMEA Leadership at Infosys.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
With my professional experience I'd like to contribute to further development of the Sector in Poland, sharing knowledge and experience, shaping the future of the market.


Miroslawa Mech

Head of GBS Center, EMEA, AkzoNobel

Candidate for the Audit Committee

Current: Head of GBS Center, EMEA - AkzoNobel;
Board Member of Legal Entity, AkzoNobel Car Refinishes';
Previous: Head of F&A Portfolio - Accenture; RPA&AI Sponsor for Poland, Accenture; US GAAP Manager and GPO for Payroll, Accenture; EMEA Financial Controller and Reporting Lead - SDI Media

12 years of experience in the sector; predominantly in F&A offering/funcitons with focus on statutory and tax reporting; participated in and responsible for financial audits run for multiple companies [both in BPO as well as SSC environment]. As a board member responsible for signing off annual statutory statements and closely cooperating with auditors from Big4. Experience in shaping up governance and establishing/executing controls [incl. sox, local statutory and GDPR] - common, though not major, denominator for functions held across last 10 years

Areas of Expertise
Finance - CIMA background, 10+ years in multiple finance related positions including Financial Controller for Europe, US GAAP Manager [mnagement reproting for EMEA entities consolidation for HQ, US]; Head of F&A offering in Accenture BPO;
Leadership - 10+ years in various leadership roles with different scale [from 6 to 1500] and complex matrix environment & robust stakeholder management at all levels of seniority
New Technologies - proven track of building relevant talent pool and executing automation targets; setting up command center - part of RPA&AI program run in Accenture Poland; familiar with new solutions, trends and their application; invited as expert to panels [i.e. recent one organzied by CIMA in Warsaw Stock Exchange] on Future of Finance and impact of technology
PR&Marketing - building brand from the scratch for AkzoNobel GBS; expert in EVP and EB strategy and execution
Transformation - multiple examples of transforming:1. the processes [standardization/optimization] across different functions, not limited to finance; 2. whole projects incl. reshaping target operating model 3. cultures

Relevant achievements
1. improving quality of audit - shifting the status from not-qualified to only few inmaterial adjustments; increasing accuracy and transparency of reported numbers, both in P&L as well as BS through designing, among others, WIP framework and adjusting timing for revenue/cost recognition [SDI Media]
2. Implementing sox controls on one of the biggest projects in Accenture
3. implementing controls and processes required for a newly established GBS Center [including TP policy]

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Gaining broader experience and visibility on the BSS market; being part of building good and relevant product

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Hands on experience and approach that will result in ensuring right level of transparency and visibility


Radek Mierzejewski

Managing Director, DFDS Polska

Candidate for the Audit Committee

Radek is a seasoned executive with 20+ years' multinational experience in financial leadership, compliance, project and change management. He is the Head of DFDS Polska which was awarded the 2017 ABSL Business Leader in Business Excellence Diamond Award. Prior to joining DFDS, Radek was in New Zealand working as an Executive Director for an electricity retail company which was awarded Deloitte NZ Fast50 status under his tenure.

Radek has over 6 years experience in Poland, majority of which is in the business services sector where he held Director level positions and over 15 years in Australia and New Zealand where he held a number of senior financial positions including CFO for Australian listed companies. In his roles he has published numerous audited Annual Reports, was involved in a $100 million IPO and project managed one of the bids for BP Solar’s manufacturing facility in Sydney.

Radek started his career as an auditor with PriceWaterhouse, is a qualified Chartered Accountant in Australia and New Zealand and completed his MBA through University of Otago and Copenhagen Business School.

Areas of Expertise
• Executive Leadership
• International Business
• Project Management
• Mentoring
• Financial Restructuring and Transformation
• Start-ups
• Change Management
• SSC/BPO outsourcing
• Annual Reports
• Statutory Compliance
• Financial Accounting
• Management Accounting
• Modelling
• Budgeting
• Audits
• Policies and Procedures
• Capital raisings
• Due diligence
• Company Secretarial

Relevant achievements
Awards/Recognitions over last 3 years while at DFDS

- Winner of the 2017 ABSL Business Excellence Diamond Award;
- Awarded the ProProgressio "Business Tiger" title in 2017, 2018 and 2019;
- Winner of the 2017 DFDS Way Award;
- Finalist in GSA Automation Project of the Year Award in 2017 and 2018;
- Shortlisted for 2019 CEE Awards – SSC Business Centre Manager Poland;
- Shortlisted for 2019 CEE Awards – SSC Business Services Firm Poland.

Other recent Achievements (within last 3 years)

- Completed MBA in 2019 through University of Otago and Copenhagen Business School;
- Effectively change managed DFDS Polska to be now considered as one of the more recognised SSCs in Poznan.
- Participation as speaker and/or panel expert on verious industry related conferences and seminars.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
My core motivation is the patriotic satisfaction I get through sharing my knowledge with the next generation of our compatriots, promoting our industry in Poland and abroad and securing additional FDI into Poland. I strongly believe that this sector is one of the key drivers of positive social and economic change within Poland and is positioning us to be a global leader of the digital knowledge economy of the future. Bottom line, I would like to make a difference for the better and believe I have the skills and experience to add-value to ABSL at the Strategic Board level.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
I strongle believe that as an industry, we need to recognise that traditional concept of labour arbitrage is no longer a compelling business case as Poland and wider CEE continue towards parity with the West. I will work within the Strategic Board and our ABSL members to raise awareness of this and facilitate for our members to focus on operational excellence, innovation and most importantly on actual value-add. In Poznan I'm currently acting as the ABSL Chapter leader and have moved to increase both this awereness as well as (in cooperation with the City of Poznan) represented both Poznan and wider Poland as a favourable FDI destination.

I will continue to actively promote our industry through verious industry organisations and social media portals (like for example this interview:


Michal Wierzbowski

SSC Director, Orange Polska

Candidate for the Audit Committee

Michal Wierzbowski is involved in the SSC/BPO sector for over 16 years.
Started as a team Leader in Thomson SSC, transferred to Accenture BPO where for 6 years he was responsible for the project delivery and service. Next, for 4 years was the General Manager responsible for Technicolor SSC, and currently for the last 5 years is leading SCC in Orange Polska.
From his earlier engagements Michael has the experience in sales organization building, cooperation with wholesale business, setting up the company presence in the market.

Areas of Expertise
Michal Wierzbowski is a leader who has managed number of transformation and transition initiatives, and is truly devoted to the opportunities arising with the new technologies in the SSC/BPO sector. Automation, RPA, AI are the technologies strongly applied in the SSC managed by Michal. From the beginning of his career Michal has been involved in the finance activities, earlier being the Finance and Admin director of the company, later delivering the F&A activities to his clients.

Relevant achievements
Successful, first in Poland implementation of cloud ERP in the F&A processes. Adoptiont that is considered as very successful and example for all the others to follow.
Has built and enlarged the strong technology capacities giving the leverage and high potential for the further transformation of SSC.
Has achieved a number of recognitions in the sector (SSON), and is taking part in various conferences as a speaker.

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
Having the finance expertise, over 16 year experience in the SSC/BPO business and being respected by the peers in the sector, Michal is ready to bring to the ABSL Audit Committee all his knowledge and qualities.

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
Michal will apply thorough approach to the finance of the ABSL, at the same time being able to understand the unique ABSL mission needs. Michal has good communication skills and is able to take independent decisions.


Krzysztof Wierzchowski

Site Head & Director Global Trade Services, Franklin Templeton Investments

Candidate for the Audit Committee

Franklin Templeton Investments(Poland) 7 yrs 8mts
- Site Head (Present)
- Director Global Trade Services (Present)
- Business Excellence Senior Manager
- Business Excellence Manager

HSBC (Poland/Malta), 2 yrs
- Senior Planning Analyst

Legal & General (United Kingdom), 5 yrs
- Business Performance Consultant
- Team Manager
- Customer Service Agent

Netia S. A. (Poland), 1.5 yrs
- Key Account Manager

Areas of Expertise
- Leadership - Hold number of different leadership roles in multinational organizations in different European countries. Currently oversees and coordinates efforts of the local senior management team in Franklin Templeton office in Poznan (1000 people), as well as Franklin Templeton’s Derivatives and Foreign Exchange Trade Operations, Collateral Management and Regulatory Reporting Team across Europe, Asia and America
- Transformations - Six Sigma certified professional with number of successful transformational projects including off-shore transition of bank's financial team to center of excellence in Poland, as well as business model transitions for sales and investment support teams.
- Financial Markets - broad knowledge of financial industry from back to front office and gained experience working in multinational environment based out of UK, Malta and Poland. He has gathered knowledge in both insurance (working for Legal & General) and banking sector (during the tenure in HSBC), as well as assets management (holding various roles in Franklin Templeton). Holds MSc in Economic policy and business strategy from Poznan University of Economics and Certificate in Finance Administration (Life) from The Chartered Insurance Institute
- Regulatory Reporting - Coordination of efforts and project team delivering Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II & European Market Infrastructure Regulation reporting capabilities before the regulatory set deadline for Franklin Templeton. Being a co-sponsor of multi-departmental projects such as LIBOR replacement and Securities Financing Transaction Regulation.

Relevant achievements
Coordination of people stream in outsourcing project impacting 100+ people in Franklin Templeton. Planning and delivery of communication stream, coordination of re-deployment and outplacement process (40% internal re-deployment rate)
- Regularly representing Franklin Templeton as a panelist and subject matter expert at the annual InvestOps summit in London and at the DTCC Advisory Board
- Successful business model transformation in Global Trade Services delivering risk reduction and operational costs savings worth of $450k in fiscal year 2019
- Coordination of efforts and project team delivering MiFID II & EMIR reporting capabilities before the regulatory set deadline for Franklin Templeton
- Active participation in preparation and delivery of successful migration project of entire finance team for Malta HSBC, generating costs reduction and bringing process efficiencies
- Design and delivery of business model transformation for New Business area of Legal & General enabling significant operational costs savings and additional investment capabilities for customers

Motivation to join Strategic Board/ Audit Committee
- Being able to contribute in more active way to rapidly growing business community
- Share my experience and help shape future SSC/BPO industry landscape
- Use my talents and abilities to strengthen the position of this important sector in polish economy
- Learn from others and share my own experience with the best leaders in the industry

Contribution to the Strategic Board/Audit Committee
- Strong leadership skills proven on multiple position in international institutions, recently coordinating Global Trade Services division with footprint on each continent and being responsible for 1000 people Franklin Templeton site in Poznan
- Experience and exposure in the regulatory environment confirmed by successful delivery of multiple projects in this space (i.e. EMIR, MiFID) and effective management of the reporting team
- Very good understanding of the financial markets with experience working in insurance, banking and investment management sector
-Time, effort and engagement in order to strengthen the ABSL organization