Amendments to the Labour Code were sent to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

After 18 months working on amending the Labour Code, the Codification Commission completed its work yesterday and sent drafts of two new regulations: the Labour Code and the Collective Labour Law to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.
The new proposed regulations among others will make the following changes in the labour law:
– worktime is to be more flexible, i.e. an employer can request of the employee to work on Sundays;
– the remote work model is to become less rigorous and bureaucratic, such as: to work 4 days in a week from home; no additional agreement with the employee required;
– unused holidays time will expire after 15 months.

Some of the new proposals need still to be discussed in depth or simplified, and ABSL will work actively with the Government on both projects. In particular remote work, working time arrangements and vacation time will be at the center of our agenda.