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We know the winners of the ABSL Diamonds Awards

Ten innovative projects in six categories: We got to know the winners of the ABSL Diamonds Awards – the most prestigious competition of the modern business services sector which is aimed at promoting novel solutions and appreciating contributors to development[…]

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ABSL Partner’s Material – Tetris designs and builds in Centrum Praskie Koneser

Kantar TNS is one of the world’s largest public research companies. Tetris Poland designed and built their new office located in the Centum Praskie Koneser at the Warsaw Prague. The conceptual design was created within two months and included the[…]

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ZUS bill case NOT in accordance with the Constitution – ABSL successfully handled the public debate on the bill

The Constitutional Tribunal ruled today that the bill is not consistent with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in Article 7, mainly due to the significant irregularities while voting on the bill in Senate. This means that the bill[…]

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Connected by Skanska – smart operating system for office users

Connected by Skanska is an operating system created by Skanska for all office users as well as tenants and administrators. Thanks to a dedicated mobile application, everyday users can enter the office by using a smartphone, invite guests through a[…]

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ABSL Partner’s Material – Skanska – WELL with a view to employees

Health and comfort in work are getting more and more important for office workers and their employers. The quality of space in which we spend approximately 8 hours a day is extremely important for the effectiveness of our work and[…]

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Employee Capital Plans become a reality – what does it mean for employers?

The pension reform and the launch of the employee capital plans (ECP) scheme starting from the next year are becoming a reality. In September and October, the last discussion of the final wording of the act was held, first at[…]

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ABSL Partner’s Material – Nowy Styl Group: What do programmers want?

Battle for talents is the everyday reality of many organizations in Poland. On the one hand, it is a big challenge for companies that need to develop, but on the other, the “employee’s market” has had a positive impact too.[…]

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ABSL Partner’s Material: Workspace Insight. Power of benchmarking.

Workspace Insight. Power of benchmarking. Choosing a new location for an office brings many challenges and strategic questions regarding the company’s future. To choose the space matching their expectations the employers have to predict their future needs and search for[…]

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ABSL legislative success – the criminal record check bill was signed yesterday

Yesterday President Andrzej Duda signed the criminal record check for the financial sector. The bill was voted in the Parliament on 12th of April. The aim of the proposal was to implement legal regulations into Polish law to enable the[…]

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Latest upcoming changes to facilitate work permits for foreigners

The Ministry presented the draft and launched public consultations about the proposal. The draft extends the catalogue of professions in which the work permit is issued by the Voivode, without the need to obtain information from lower level authorities on[…]

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