ABSL Partner’s Material – Tetris designs and builds in Centrum Praskie Koneser

Kantar TNS is one of the world’s largest public research companies. Tetris Poland designed and built their new office located in the Centum Praskie Koneser at the Warsaw Prague.

The conceptual design was created within two months and included the design of three floors, which together constitute an area of almost 5,000 m2. Work on the concept began with conducting interviews with employees in order to get to know their preferences. This way Tétris team could create a space that fully met their expectations and correspond with Kantar’s work. The main theme of the design are locations where the company’s employees carry out research and meet with their respondents, that is simply the city, represented here by places like square, downtown or theater.

Inspiring city

Design of conference rooms refers to the places of local communities’ daily routine, such as: bazaar, library, drugstore, delicatessen, flea market, bus, tram, school. On the mobile walls in the largest room called “the city” after putting together all movable elements we can admire the surrounding picture showing Warsaw landscape. In addition, each of the three designed floors received their own identity through colour identification: third floor – gray, fourth – shades of yellow, fifth – shades of blue. Kitchenettes also refer to the spaces associated with local gastronomy such as: milk bar, cafe, bistro and club café where there is also a table football. There is also a pub with access to the terrace. The office also has chillout zones which refer to motifs such as: train, bus stop, beach, club, bench and gym. Hush rooms for telephone calls were styled as kiosks.

Combined forces

Work on arranging and finishing the space of Kantar office required constant cooperation of the team of designers and contractors. Together, they created an interior that not only represents the company, but also allows its employees to work in very comfortable and friendly conditions.


Design tailored to the customer’s needs

The team of architects under the guidance of Danuta Barańska – Creative Director of Tétris, developed a concept that not only appealed to the investor, but also resulted from cooperation with Kantar employees involved in the process. The design was tailored to their expectations and requirements in regard to the arrangement.

Kantar office is not only a space to work. We made sure that the area was friendly and comfortable for employees. We also found space for some greenery, potted plants of various sizes. In addition, we recovered the aquarium from our previous location. It was an important symbolic element of our previous office, and in the new one it enriched the reception zone. Another important thing for us was our employees’ comfort. We wanted to provide them with the right working conditions, we designed the layout of desks so that they could get as much light from outside as possible. The amount of incoming light can be adjusted using blinds, which additionally protect against excessive sun illumination, glare or overheating of the surface. “– says Danuta Barańska.

The final result

Krzysztof Marszałek, Senior Project Manager at Tétris, supervised the progress of construction works. His tasks included ensuring that every element of the design was reflected in reality. During the implementation of the project cooperation of architects with the executive team and subcontractors was important in order to ensure the final effect and client’s satisfaction. It is also worth noting that the project gathered about 250 manual workers, which is really uncommon and a difficult case on fit-out implementations.

Kantar office is very special, due to the fact that all the work from concept to executive design and construction work were delivered by one company – Tétris. In addition, it is worth noting that this area of ​​over 4 500 m2 was completed in 14 weeks. The office we created is full of unique solutions used e.g. in the conference rooms, kitchenettes or reception. The implementation of rooms stylized for the theatre, library or a bus, as well as a kitchenette in the form of a pub were challenging for both a technical and a design teams. Now that the project is completed, we can say that the interiors are very impressive and allow the employees to work in more friendly and cosy atmosphere where they can feel at ease. “- describes Krzysztof Marszałek.

Exceptional location

Centrum Praskie Koneser is a very special place, where from November 2016 Tétris has already designed 15,000 sq m and completed over 12,000 sq m. Further works on subsequent projects are still underway. Koneser used to be the vodka factory established in 1897 which today gained completely new character. Kantar Polska occupies the largest area in the O building, thus being one of the largest tenants of this complex. Koneser is a fashionable and trendy space that attracts with its appearance, location and offered spaces. It is also an ideal place for start-ups, as well as for the organization of conferences, concerts or fairs for which the Conference Center and the Koneser Square are intended.

Koneser is also well communicated with the nearby metro station Dworzec Wileński, there are also Veturilo stations for more eco transport, facilities for cyclists, such as showers, lockers. Within the square there are restaurants, shops and gyms, as well as the Museum of Polish Vodka. The first Moxy hotel in Poland will also be opened in the immediate vicinity. It is a very attractive example of multifunctional architecture, where the residents of Warsaw can enjoy the charms of urban life.