ABSL Partner’s Material – Skanska – WELL with a view to employees

Health and comfort in work are getting more and more important for office workers and their employers. The quality of space in which we spend approximately 8 hours a day is extremely important for the effectiveness of our work and our well-being. For this reason, more and more employers choose offices certified in the WELL system – it means offices which are built and arranged in such a way that through thermal aspects, lighting, interior design, level of room soundproofing and indoor air quality have a real impact on health and comfort of space users.

WELL – a certification system that is designed to take care of the environment inside the office and the comfort of office users is one of the most demanding systems, putting the health and well-being of people in the limelight. WELL Building Standard® is a certification system developed by IWBI ™ (International WELL Building Institute ™). WELL certification monitors and evaluates seven categories such as: air, water, nutrition, light, physical condition, comfort and mind. In total, the Institute takes into account all of the 102 features of each building and workspace that are checked during the audit’s certification. Depending on the obtained result at the level of New and Existing Buildings, New and Existing Interiors or Core and Shell, it is possible to achieve one of the three grades – Silver, Gold or Platinum.

 WELL certification reflects the Skanska philosophy. Specially filtering air, water, reduction of noise and air pollution coming from outside the building, promoting drinking water, access to nature and green spaces in office, terrace on the top floor or beehives on the roof of office building are ones of many actions that promotes healthy and comfortable office space – in line with WELL certificate guidelines. One of the first buildings certified in WELL system in Poland will be the Spark office complex in Warsaw, in which Skanska has recently opened its main headquarter. Spark spaces are designed with care for thermal, light and olfactory comfort. Skanska also made sure that its spaces are full of soothing greenery and art elements such as external and internal murals and graphics, which are designed to reduce stress. In the CEE region, Skanska implements in its buildings WELL certification at the Core and Shell (building) and Interior (office space) level. So far, the company has announced the certification of its building on WELL system in Centrum Południe in Wrocław and Wave in Gdańsk.