ABSL criminal record check proposal accepted by the Government

Last week, the Polish Government accepted the criminal record check bill of the act and presented the last version of the project. This act will help the business and financial services sectors to grow in next few years and will open doors for new investors. ABSL was one of the initiators of the act and has been working actively with the Ministry of Development on the proposal over the last two years. It has been an undeniable success for all of us.

The aim of the proposal was to implement legal regulations into Polish law to enable the screening of job applicants or current employees at financial sector entities using their criminal records. It will help to maintain the stability of the financial system and the interests of all market players, operators and participants. The bill will also support the creation of new jobs for highly-educated and skilled employees. The implementation date for the full bill is 1st October 2018.

Our next step is to study very carefully the last version of the bill and to prepare and present our position paper to the government. We encourage you to check the attached bill and to share your opinion with us by February 28th.


Please send your comments to the proposed bill to Jolanta Jaworska or Wioletta Bobryk.