Rockwell Automation extends its activity in Katowice

On May 9th 2017, at ul. Francuska 46 in Katowice, ceremonial opening of the new Rockwell Automation office took place. The event was attended by representatives of the company’s management board headed by CEO Blake Moret, representatives of the City Council as well as other non-governmental organisations. The company’s subsequent investment constitutes the chance to increase employment opportunities in the region, but it also clearly communicates that the city of Katowice is becoming a key place on global investors’ map.


Rockwell Automation is the biggest international company providing industrial automation as well as IT solutions for manufacturing automation. It employs staff consisting of 22 thousand people in over 80 countries. It is present on the Polish market for over 20 years, and for 10 years it has been constantly extending its activity in the Silesia region. The scale of this phenomenon is illustrated by the fact that a decade ago, several employees began their work in Katowice while today, the staff consists of over a thousand people employed in the factory as well as offices located in three cities.


The opening ceremony was attended by honourable guests, including public administration representatives, who in their speeches emphasised their support towards the company’s activity and were proud to say that what contributed to this success was the work of local experts together with the cooperation with local government. It proves once again that the Silesian market is developing dynamically and attracts serious investor. “We have undertaken to provide our staff in Katowice with the opportunity of long-term development as we are aware of common needs of our employees: they all want to know that their work matters, that they have the tools and support necessary to succeed, that they have the chance of constant development.”, said Blake Moret, Rockwell Automation CEO during the opening ceremony.


Blake Moret also emphasised his satisfaction from the fact that the company’s development makes it possible to create more and more workplaces locally as well as pride from a very important position of engineers working in Katowice in the company’s functioning. The work of software development department makes it possible to implement Connected Enterprise, i.e. Rockwell Automation’s original solution enabling the processing of all data coming from the manufacturing plant into useful information presented via an intuitive interface, available for every mobile device. This technology makes it possible for the managers to react more quickly and make key decisions based on thorough data analysis.


New office of the world’s leading industrial automation company in Katowice is to a large extent the seat of Global Finance Operations, the accounting department handling all company transactions on each continent. “It is a great distinction for our country, which results from successful cooperation between us and local authorities as well as suppliers. By locating the financial transactions centre in Katowice, the headquarters has once again emphasised the reliability and potential of our staff”, explains Maciej Sieczka, Rockwell Automation Country Sales Director for Poland and Ukraine.


Apart from the financial department, the new branch office is led by the Research & Development department, which works on development, design and testing of applications and equipment and more and more frequently gets also involved in the works on cyber security. “In Poland, we do not manufacture simple technologies. The branches in Katowice create and handle unique and innovative products. We conduct broad research in cooperation with the University of Silesia and we also support the training process of future engineers and offer them development opportunities within our company.”, adds Sieczka. One of the cores of the Katowice office consists of a team of a dozen experts who design applications for the handling of company products. They form nearly a half of all company’s experts involved in this area all over the world.


It is not the first point on the map of Katowice which is included in the field of interest of this over a hundred years old organisation. The company has been successfully developing its manufacturing plant within Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE) for over ten years. The factory in Katowice is unique among 17 facilities of this kind all over the world, 5 sections responsible for diversified manufacturing activity are included within its premises. Its work is monitored with the use of a modern manufacturing control system by Rockwell Automation – Connected Enterprise; in some units it resulted in ca. 100% increase in manufacturing efficiency.


The Silesian plant is responsible for manufacturing for the purposes of the European market (including Russia) as well as the market in Asia and Africa. The giant, with an income exceeding 6 billion dollars, is prepared for further development in the Katowice area; it has recently purchased a plot with a surface of 15 thousand m2 which makes it possible to extend the plant to 20 thousand m2.