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Start-Up Challenge

Behind the idea of the Start-Up Challenge stands the notion that corporations and start-ups can help each other in numerous ways and live in a symbiotic relationship. In exchange for the stability, management culture and deep know-how, the international companies want to learn flexibility and quick reactions to the changing market. Hence, the idea of Start-Up Challenge was born. In the long run, the project will take the form of a platform, which will connect the needs of corporations with the solutions offered by start-ups, as well as potential international investors with promising ideas of young entrepreneurs.

The final of this event’s first edition was held during this year’s 7th ABSL Conference in Katowice. In the first part of the event, the Jury picked nine best projects, and at the final – the winners of each of the three categories.

This year’s champions were Grinfy – an application dedicated to conserve energy used by computers, HospiCare – an application devised to collect the data of home hospices’ patients and allow access to them for the caregivers, and – a service for small and medium e-commerce companies, allowing them to design and order small batches of packaging.

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Recap of the first edition’s Finale: