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On December 7th, 2017 we held the first elections to the Strategic Board and Audit Committee.

Meet the newly elected ABSL authorities that will help us transform ABSL during the cadence of 2018-2019.

Strategic Board

Piotr Dziwok, Shell


I have 10 years experience in the sector. I was of Shell Business Operations GM, Shell Global Order to Cash Customer Centricity Manager and Digital. Recently Global GM Contracting and Procurement.

Areas of Expertise:
As the GM SBO I was exposed to a number of different functions. My strengths are in the Strategy, General Management and Government Relations.


Dariusz Bazeli, Geoban

Vice – President Pomerania Region

Senior Manager responsible for managing of two operations centres for Santander Group within Poland. Leadership experience both in SSC and BPO environment. Leader of the Tri-City ABSL Chapter

Areas of Expertise:
Financial / Accounting Services, Tech Development and Implementation, Robotics Automation, Operational Excellence / Innovation, Digital Transformation.


Maciej Borkowski, Credit Suisse

Vice – President New Generation Services

15 years of experience
Variety of managerial roles in finance at HP
Customer Experience Program Manager at HP
Regional Group Finance Manager at Credit Suisse
Poland Head of Risk at CS (incl. setup of WAW site)

Areas of Expertise:
– Regulatory affairs
– People Management
– FinTech operations setup and BAU
– Operations Management
– Operational Risk Management
– Finance
– Mid-office ops


Ewa Carr de Avelon, XL Catlin

Vice – President – Wrocław Region

25 years of professional experience, incl. several senior roles in the SSC sector: HP and Credit Suisse.
General Manager of XL Catlin Poland.
Prior experience in journalism, NGO, marketing & education.

Areas of Expertise:
– HR, talent retention, diversity programs.
– Design thinking and transformations.
– Six sigma.
– Juggling motherhood & career, helping working mothers.


Iwona Dudzińska, Citi

Vice – President - Warsaw Region

MD at Citi. Head of Citi Service Center Poland, employing over 4000 staff. Head of Citi AML Financial Intelligence Unit for EMEA.Over 20y.of experience in Finance and Banking,15 in Shared Services Sector

Areas of Expertise:
Finance and Banking.Operations and Technology.Implementing complex IT solutions.Cross-border process migrations.Setting up Service Centers.


Janusz Dziurzyński, P&G

Vice–President Execution

Global Business Services Director at P&G. In the sector since 1998. Created second largest IT service organization in the P&G world. part of the ABSL Board since 2009.

Areas of Expertise:
Strategy & Organization Development, Operational Excellence, IT and GBS Service Management, Start-up ecosystem, Education, Coaching, Governance.


Sebastian Drzewiecki, GSK

Vice–President Poznan Region

I am working in a SSC sector already 12 years. My various of roles were related to building a center(s) for GSK, transition services, creating a company brand and so on.

Areas of Expertise:
IT, HR, Digital, Artificial Intelligence


Agnieszka Jackowska, Infosys

Vice – President – Łódź Region

14y. of experience in the outsourcing industry. Since 2010 AVP & Regional DC Head Infosys Poland, responsible for management of the DC, business strategy, 2600 employees, managing 25+ client portfolio.

Areas of Expertise:
General management, HRM, leading multinational teams and projects, CSR


Jolanta Jaworska, IBM

Vice–President Public Affairs & Regulatory

2001-Management positions in IBM Polska.
2010-2017 Government & Regulatory Affairs Director IBM PAB Since 2005 responsible for IBM investments in BTO/ITO & R&D.

Areas of Expertise:
Cooperation with gov & public administration on different policy in the areas of innovation (DSM, cybersecurity), workforce, tax, investments, CSR.


Marcin Nowak, Capgemini

Vice – President - Silesia Region

Joined Capgemini in 2007. 1st-is leading CEE operations in six Centers; manage, develop, industrialize, drive efficiency & new locations. 2nd-heading Global Service Line DSS – based on internal & 3rd party.

Areas of Expertise:
IT Operations&Strategy, Service Delivery, Rightshoring, Project Mgm, LEAN optimization & industrialization, Vendor/Quality/Security/DR/BCP Management


Agnieszka Orłowska, Google

Vice–President Talent

10 years of experience in working in business services sector:
Since 2015 working for Google as GCE EMEA Director. Between 2007-2015 working for HP. Engaged in ABSL since its creation.

Areas of Expertise:
Business services Ops – ~10 years.
HR Management- ~9 years.
Marketing, incl. online advertising- ~3 years.
Accounting- ~2 years.


Wojciech Popławski, Accenture

Vice–President Sector Evolution & Promotion

MD at Accenture with 15 years of experience in managing Global BPS programs for leading international corporations. Active member of local and regional BPO/SSC communities.

Areas of Expertise:
Business Transformation, Delivery & Account Management, Employer | Organization Branding, Digital Solutions, BI, Research, RPA, Acquisitions.


Derek Smith, UBS

I have more than 25 years of experience in the banking, including 12 years in business services sector. I set up two centres in India and I set up and led our centre in Poland, which has now grown to around 4,000 people across two cities.

Areas of Expertise:
Banking, Private Equity, Leadership, Governance


Jacek Levernes, Finteco Holding

Honorary President

President of ABSL, has over 20 years of experience in building and managing business organizations in Poland, Europe, and across the globe. He was named Investor of the Year 2010 for creating the most jobs in Poland.


Audit Committee

Krzysztof Bronisz, Franklin Templeton

Head of Franklin Templeton Investments Poland Center since 2007.
Founding Member of ABSL since its beginning.
Member of first ABSL Board.
Audit Committee Member.
Co-founder of BIFS club.

Areas of Expertise:
– Corporate finance
– Internal audit
– Compliance
– Financial institutions governance model
– Investment operations
– technology
– legal


Marcin Nowakowski, BNP Paribas

Program manager for outsourcing projects in EU and change manager for large scale IT implementations.
Previously CFO / CAO in shared service center and investment bank. 12 years experience in SSC area.

Areas of Expertise:
– finance
– outsourcing
– controls and compliance
– legal
– procurement
– project management & change management
– business continuity
– tax advisor


Wojciech Skrudlik, Archer Daniels Midland

Head of Archer Daniels Midland EMEA Shared Services Center; Head of MARS Financial Services Center Europe; Head of MAN Accounting Center; Engagement Manager Capgemini; Senior Auditor Deloitte; ABSL CFO.

Areas of Expertise:
– certified auditor (biegły rewident)
– finance
– building, growing and leading shared service centers
– people leadership
– continuous improvement


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