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Reasons for change

Why the call to change?

Since 2009, we’ve been supporting the development of the Business Services industry in Poland. In the past 8 years, ABSL has evolved to the biggest business services community in Poland and the CEE region. With 186 members and 7 very active local Chapters, the Flying Chapter and 3 Clubs, we felt the need to shift the balance and introduce all Members’ voices to the everyday work of ABSL and allow them to participate in making the most important decisions.
The scale of our activities and our extended portfolio of initiatives lead us to transform ourselves for further growth.

What is ABSL 2.0?

Over the past year, the ABSL Management Board, the Founding Members, and the Chapter Leaders have worked together to elevate our organization to the next level of maturity.
Growing to almost 200 members, the evolution of the association has achieved a stage which requires innovation in its structure in order to achieve new heights in an environment that is changing faster than ever.
That is why we introduce ABSL 2.0, which implies empowering our members, opening ABSL to ensure the inflow of new ideas and voices, with a stronger representation of all our member companies and regional chapters.

How it worked until now?

ABSL 1.0 structure was composed of:

  • Founding Members – the original companies that founded ABSL. So far, the Founding Members were the supreme body of ABSL.
  • Audit Committee – an expert committee focused on supervision, compliance and control of ABSL operations.
  • Management Board – ABSL’s main delivery power, running day to day operations. Its members were chosen from Founding Members companies.
  • Chapter & Clubs Leaders – leaders of seven local Chapters, the Flying Chapter, as well as the HR Club, IT Club and BFSI Club. They oversaw the operations of each of those bodies to maintain community engagement among ABSL Members.
  • ABSL Team – operational team, running sector analyses, the office and most important daily operations of ABSL.


What will change?

With ABSL 2.0, we seek to empower all ABSL members and regional chapters, bringing new ideas to the core structure and organizing ourselves in a solid industry cluster.
ABSL 2.0 introduces the following transformed bodies:

What will the new structure look like?
The new structure of ABSL 2.0 will be as follows:

What is the General Assembly of Members?
ABSL 2.0 introduces the General Assembly of Members as the highest and supreme Body.


  • All member companies.


  • Elect the members of the Strategic Board and Audit Committee.
  • Approval of activity reports of the Strategic Board, the Management Board and the Audit Committee.
  • Adopt amendments to the statute of the Association when necessary.


  • Ordinary meetings held on an annual basis, no later than June 30th.
  • Extraordinary meetings when necessary.

Decision-making process

  • Each Member will be entitled to one vote.
  • Resolutions will be adopted by a simple majority of votes cast, unless the Statute provides for a qualified majority.

Start of Operations
January 2018

What is the Audit Committee?
The Audit Committee oversights compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


  • 3 representatives of the ABSL Member companies.
  • Members elected by the General Assembly.
  • Co-optation rules apply.


  • Supervision, Compliance & Control.


  • At least once a year.

Decision-making process

  • Resolutions adopted by at least two of its members.


  • 2 years

Start of Operations
January 2018

What is the Strategic Board?
ABSL 2.0 introduces the Strategic Board as the mission & strategy owner.


  • 10-14 members including the Honorary President.
  • Members elected by the General Assembly.


  • Determining mission, strategy and principles.
  • Appoints and supervises the Management Board.
  • Appoints the Advisory Council.


  • Held at least once every two months.

Decision-making process

  • Simple majority of votes in the presence of at least half of its members.
  • May adopt written resolutions in a circular or electronic way.


  • 2 years

Start of Operations
From election date, December 7th

Strategic board composition

  • President – overseeing strategy, mission and ABSL International, presides the General Assembly and the Strategic Board
  • Vice – President Execution – responsible for execution and performance of the organization, part of the Management Board
  • Vice – President Sector evolution & promotion, part of the Management Board
  • Vice – President Public Affairs & Regulatory
  • Vice – President Talent
  • Vice – President New Generation Services
  • Vice – President – Silesia Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Wrocław Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Warsaw Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Łódź Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Kraków Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Tricity Region + initiative/club/program
  • Vice – President – Poznań Region + initiative/club/program
  • Honorary President – in order to retain knowledge, relationships and influence, each President, post his/her cadence, will be invited to the Strategic Board as the Honorary President of the Strategic Board


What is the Management Board?
The Management Board will act as the delivery engine, running day to day operations and representing ABSL legally.


  • 2 delegates from the Strategic Board.
  • 2 to 3 members appointed/selected by the Strategic Board.
  • Chaired by the Chairperson of the Management Board, appointed from the Strategic Board’s delegated members.


  • Managing day to day business and operations.
  • Translating the strategy into operational plans.
  • Ensuring the organizational structure and procedures.
  • Financial management and planning.
  • Maintaining and growing the numbers of memberships and partnerships.
  • Ensuring funds for project and programs.


  • Indefinite period (may be appointed and revoked at any time by the Strategic Board resolution).

Start of Operations
January 2018

What is the Advisory Council?
The Advisory Council represents our partners from Academia, Non-Profit organizations, central and local administration.


  • Experts in one or more key domains important for ABSL (Academia, Talent Development, Real Estate, Start-ups, Non-Gov organization, Technical Experts, Thought Leaders, Industry Experts).
  • Members are invited by the Strategic Board upon recommendation from the Management Board.


  • Creating and nurturing cross-industry connections.
  • Broadening the ABSL network.
  • Providing insights from external perspectives.


  • No formal meetings of the Advisory Council. Working individually with the Strategic Board members and the Management Board members. The Advisory Council is the direct reflection of focus and priorities.

Start of Operations
January 2018

What about the regional chapters in the new structure?

So far, Regional Chapters have acted as meeting points for local ABSL companies. By the initiative of the respective Chapter Leader, each Chapter hosted meetings, including regular, quarterly get-togethers that aimed to exchange knowledge, summarise the activities of the Chapter and allowed setting plans for the upcoming time.
Because the regions are crucial in the development of the sector, newly elected Chapter Leaders will be elevated to VP level and invited to the Strategic Board, giving them more power within the organization and allowing easier exchange of plans and more direct assistance in fulfilling them.

When will ABSL 2.0 enter into force?

The new organizational structure will fully enter into force in January 2018.
The final milestone for completing the new structure will be in 2020, when the General Assembly elects the new Strategic Board for the first time.


Will there be elections in 2017?

We enter a transition cadence from 2018 to 2019. At the transition stage, the Founding Members will still elect the members of the Strategic Board and the Audit Committee on December 7th, 2017. But this time, all member companies will have the chance to submit their own candidates for these bodies.

“Transition period (2018-2019)” – what does it mean?

Because the General Assembly will be able to elect the members of the Strategic Board and the Audit Committee from 2020 and ahead; the transition period implies that the first election of members to Strategic Board and Audit Committee for the 2018-2019 cadence will remain in hands of Founding Members.
The Founding Members body will cease to exist after the December 2017 election.
The crucial difference in the transitional period is that all member companies will have the chance to submit their own candidates for these bodies.

Who will choose the members of the Strategic Board and Audit Committee 2018-2019?

The Founding Members meeting will elect both the Strategic Board and the Audit Committee out of the candidates who will be put on the ballot.

When do the first ABSL 2.0 Elections will take place?

Elections will take place December 7th, 2017.

How many candidates will be considered?

Maximum of 20 candidates will be put on the ballot, including the incumbent Management Board members and Chapter Leaders, who are automatically entitled to run for the election plus maximum 6 additional candidates with the highest number of nominations.

How many positions will be filled in the 2018-2019 period?

13 for the Strategic Board.
3 to the Audit Committee.

What is the procedure for determining who gets on the ballot? 

At the transition cadence, the incumbent Management Board members and Chapter Leaders are automatically entitled to run for the election without the need of acquiring nomination as long as they provide consent to be put on the ballot.
Additionally, any other new candidates who do not fall into the above category are required to get at least 3 nominations from the ABSL members and these maximum 6 new candidates who received the highest number of nominations will be entitled to run in elections.

What are the requisites to present a candidate for the Strategic Board and Audit Committee?

The requisites to be considered for a position at the Strategic Board are:

  • Represent the Association’s member company (have right to officially represent their member companies as the members of their governing bodies or on the basis of a valid power of attorney).
  • Minimum 15 years of relevant business experience.
  • Receive a minimum of 3 recommendations from other ABSL members.

When can I present my candidature?

You can submit your candidature between October 15th and November 15th, 2017.

Where should I apply?

You can fill in the form to submit your candidature via the button below.

Find the application form here

How many candidatures can my company submit?

There are no limitations in terms of number of candidates from one company as long as they are meeting the requisites.
Please note, however, that each member company can give a maximum of 2 nominations for the running candidates and only those with the highest number of nominations will be entitled to run in the elections, thus please consider nominating the strongest candidates and equip them with as many nominations from the member companies as possible.

Download the endorsement template

How should I apply?

Fill in the application form, attach your photo plus nominations (template can be downloaded from the website link)

When will the candidates be announced and promoted?

The candidates will be announced on November 20th, 2017.
Candidates will be promoted until December 6th, 2017.

How do the selected contending candidates promote themselves?

Candidates profiles in the pre-defined format will include a cover letter (‘campaign speech’) to be shared with ABSL members and Founding Members.

Who will be in charge of the election process?

The Management Board will nominate 3 individuals in good public standing in the Association community to serve as the Election Commission. These individuals shall preside over the nomination and election process with the supervision of the Legal Counsel.

Where can I find information about the running candidates?

The candidates’ profiles will be available to all Association members not later than two (2) weeks before the General Assembly at the website.

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