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After nearly a decade of operating, ABSL has become the leading organization for the business services community in Poland and the CEE. Over the past year, we have been working together to elevate our organization to the next level.

Having grown to almost 200 members, the evolution of the association has reached a stage which requires an innovative change in its structure in order to achieve new heights in a market environment, which is growing faster than ever.

That is why we introduce:



With ABSL 2.0 we want to empower our members, opening ABSL to ensure the inflow of new ideas and voices, with a stronger representation of all our member companies and regional chapters.


ABSL 2.0 comes about with newly empowered bodies:

General Assembly of Members as the highest and supreme body
Strategic Board, with newly elected Chapter Leaders elevated to VP level
Advisory Council – place for independent experts in the key domains important for ABSL Association


All member companies and have the chance to submit their own candidates.



On December 7th, 2017, we will hold the first election for two of ABSL 2.0 newly-created bodies:

  • The Strategic Board in charge of maintaining and determining our mission, strategies and principles.
  • The Audit Committee which oversees compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Requisites for candidates:

  • Represent an Association’s member company.
  • Minimum 15 years of relevant business experience.
  • Receive a minimum of 3 recommendations from other ABSL Members.

Timeline for 2017

  • October 15th         Start of application process for candidates.
  • November 15th     End date for application process for candidates.
  • November 20th     Announcement & start of promotion of candidates.
  • December 6th       End date for promotion.
  • December 7th       Election Day.

The new organizational structure of ABSL 2.0 will be put into operation in January 2018.

More info on the changes

Application form

We encourage you to apply
and become a part of the ABSL leadership!

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