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Pillars of activity

What we do

ABSL works constantly on many different interconnected fields to bring about real results for people in the Business Service Sector

Thought Leadership

Thanks to conferences, workshops and meetings we enable constant exchange of knowledge and experiences between the companies and stakeholders of the sector.

Knowledge sharing

We stimulate the exchange of best practices and lead discussions leading to finding new solutions for our challenges and to creating added value to what we do in our centres.


ABSL builds a community of people engaged in shaping the modern business services sector in Poland and coordinates its actions. Each initiative in our portfolio is created keeping in mind that business is built by people and their relations.

Business intelligence

Best in class sector analyses, based on data compiled in the last decade, allow us to produce reports and predict directions of Sector's development in the coming years.

Sector promotion

The sector is on its way to become the largest source of private sector jobs. Through the ABSL conferences and media coverage we promote Poland and the region as the most mature global destinations for the sector's investment.

Public affairs and regulations

Our legislative initiatives aim at changing business environment, adapting it to the needs of companies already operating in Poland and of new investors searching for locations.

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